the Areopagus leadership training initiative (ALTI) intends to provide holistic training to ISU students to help prepare them for leadership in the church, community, and in their given vocations.

"Orthodoxy and orthopraxy lead to doxological living."[1] In other words, right belief joined with right practice leads to lives of faithful worship and witness. ALTI is an opportunity to see this expressed in the lives of students, with both doctrine and leadership development, as well as experiences putting both into practice in a variety of ways, within in the church and outside her in the wider world.

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Biblical-Theological Training

Students engage in an extensive study of Scripture, exploring the biblical storyline— creation, fall, redemption, restoration—and other themes and ideas arising from the text. Additionally, students will study elements of covenant theology, hermeneutics, and Bible study methods.

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leadership development

Students study the concept of vocation (calling) and develop a holistic view of leadership—in the church, community, and workplace—through selected readings and opportunities to meet with leaders in each of these spheres of life.


Practical Modules

Through partnerships with campus organizations, churches, and community non-profits, students gain valuable experience in a variety of contexts, be it evangelism and Bible study on campus, meal preparation or youth mentoring for the community at Food at First and YSS, or volunteering in music, tech, or serving in a local church setting.


The program encompasses one academic year and requires students to commit to the following:
-Regular meetings (3x a month, 1-2hr. each) with cohort and ALTI staff for discipleship and discussion of the assigned readings and biblical text.
-Engage in the life of a local church
-Participate in monthly practical modules
-Attend a retreat/conference with other students and staff


We greatly value students who take up the task of participating in the ALTI and desire to express this by investing in them not only through teaching and experience, but also financially.  For this reason, as well as to encourage wider participation and eliminate financial difficulties that may arise from commitment to the program, scholarships up to $500 are available. These are awarded to students through an assessment of merit and need, and are not awarded until the completion of the program.  

signing up and other information

If you would like to apply for the ALTI program, simply click HERE. Completed applications can be sent as a pdf to Tyler Helfers ( or mailed to Areopagus at 3626 Ontario St., Ames, IA 50014.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like further information, contact Tyler Helfers at or 515.518.6072.  




[1] Drawn from Michael Horton's article, "Creeds and Deeds: How Doctrine Leads to Doxological Living," from Modern Reformation, 15, No. 6 (May 2007).