Providing specialized teaching and training for the futrue of the church and witness to Christ and the kingdom of God in all facets of life.

The Center for Reformational Theology is a cluster-based approach to campus ministry, leadership training, and community building rooted in the confessional, reformed, neocalvinist tradition and vitally connected to the life of the local church. Specialized areas of study include:

  1. Philosophy
    Explore the works of Christian philosophers such as Dooyeweerd, Vollenhoven, Plantinga, Runner, and Wolters, and discuss the concepts of culture, worldview, and apologetics.

  2. Biblical Studies
    Study and discuss the biblical storyline—Creation, Fall, Redemption—and core themes of Scripture: covenant, kingdom, and mission.

  3. Theological Studies
    Study the central doctrines (teachings) of Christianity and their relation to our lives and the world through the works of Geerhardus Vos, Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck, and Gordon Spykman.

  4. Applied Theology
    A track exploring the outworking of reformational theology in areas such as: family, work/vocation, politics, art, science, and education. Discover the way in which all facets of life, and the world itself, belongs to God.

  5. Missional Leadership (One Year Program)
    The ALTI (Areopagus Leadership Training Initiative) aims to provide multi-faceted training to ISU students to help prepare them for leadership in the church, community, and in their given vocations through a variety of resources and hands-on experiences. Read more about this program HERE.

  6. Faith Exploration
    Do you have questions about Christianity? This track is intended for those—Christian and non-Christian alike—who are interested in thoughtful discussion about the Christian faith, worldview, and the difficulties of belief.


If interested in any of these study programs, contact Tyler Helfers: 515.518.6072 or